• Laminators
  • Universal make-up lines
  • Pie / tart lines
  • Croissant lines
  • Cutting / stacking / interleaving or cutting / stacking / rolling
  • Pizza/focaccia/ciabatta/tortilla lines
  • Twist lines
  • Tin bread lines
  • Proovers
  • Spiral coolers & freezers
  • Vacuum coolers (batch & continuous)
  • Space-saving continuous rack system for products on trays
  • Proover/oven/cooler/buffer/ chiller/freezer
  • Only trays go in/out of system (racks automatically recirculated)
  • Mixers for all types of pastry and bread doughs
  • Fixed bowl and mobile bowl models
  • Automatic systems available including carousels and bowl handling systems
  • Continuous and batch-continuous (fixed bowl with bottom outlet) models
  • Ultrasonic cutters and guillotines
  • Rectangular or round products, creamy, soft, crumbly or layered food, cold or warm products can be cut
  • Batch and conveyorized machines
  • Cutting and in a tray or out of a baking tray
  • Printing & decorating systems using edible materials such as chocolate, soft fondant, tomato paste, etc
  • Printing designs or mono-layer
  • Vision system for decorating irregular products or locating products on conveyor
  • Wafer lines
  • Cocktail wafers
  • Sugar cones
  • Waffle lines
  • Fondant making systems including colour and flavour mixing system.
  • Closed system (no chilled wheel) and can make a wide variety of fondant from hard to soft
  • Tunnel ovens.
  • All types of heating methods:
  • Convection, radiant (cyclotherm) and direct gas fired
  • All types of bands: steel, mesh, stone
  • Scrapless forming of granular masses (muesli, cereal, nuts, grains, etc) in 2-D & 3-D shapes
  • Scrapless forming of pliable masses (cookie dough, fondant, protein, fruit pastes, fudge, etc) in 2-D shapes
  • 3-D figure moulding for doughs & birdseed
  • Rolling machines for balls, eggs, etc
  • Extruders
  • sprinkling/coating systems
  • Oxygen absorbing sachets
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Loose sachets
  • Continuous strip (fanfold)
  • Rolls
  • Spinning disc spray systems
  • For spraying of oil, release agent, glaze, etc.
  • Spinning discs greatly reduce atomisation so less oil, glaze, etc in the air or on the floor around the machine
  • Spinning disc spaying also means it is possible to spray a slurry with up to 40% inclusions
  • Cooker mixers (Firemixers)
  • Batch chocolate melting & tempering
  • Chocolate depositor / pump
  • Fondant tanks, chocolate melting & storage tanks
  • Cold tables & roller cutters
  • One-operator bowl lifting & pouring system
  • Silos / big bags & bag stations / transfer systems for major, minor, micro ingredients / weigh hoppers
  • Vacuum or blowing systems
  • Flour cooling
  • Flour duster refilling
  • Traceability & line efficiency software
  • Vacuum cooling (also called vacuum baking)
  • Batch and continuous systems
  • Rapid cooling of hot products directly from the over (bread, cake, pastry etc) or cooking system (meat sauce, casseroles, etc)
  • Advantages include very quick cooling (in minutes), reduced floorspace, reduced baking time (higher capacity from the oven), reduced energy consumption.
  • Pump system for viscous materials (jam, tomato paste, butter, bakery fillings, etc)
  • pump from a mixing bowl or 200 l drum
  • Wafer lines
  • Cocktail wafers
  • Sugar cones
  • Waffle lines
  • Pressurised pacing/box-motion depositors and manifolds for aerated masses (marshmallow, chocolate, whipped cream, etc) and caramel & jam.
  • Indexing systems for biscuits & cakes.