Diosna Mixer

EFCA represents Diosna mixers, which are suitable for a wide variety of bakery applications. Their mixers are highly flexible and are ideal for making many different types of doughs, including bread and pastry. Diosna have a wide range of automatic systems with carousels, bottom-discharge,linear systems removable-bowl models and fixed- bowl systems.

The Diosna range comprises both continuous and batch mixing.
All Diosna mixers are easy to clean and maintain. The kneading intensity is a major advantage.

Diosna Dough Mixer

A Diosna dough mixer is an automated bakery machine and the wendel 2-tool Diosna mixer is best for large-scale production. These dough mixers are highly versatile.

Diosna dough mixers can be used for returned bread and leftover dough processing. Get in touch with us to know more about the amazing range.

Diosna Spiral Mixer

The Diosna spiral mixture range is renowned for its flexibility. The smooth rotation of its spiral hooks makes it a must-have for all bakers. The mixers have can have temperature control features and are ideal for mixing bread. Some benefits of these mixers are the homogeneity of the mixture and low friction heat.

Diosna spiral mixers are gentle on the dough and mixes efficiently.

Some benefits of EFCA’s range of Diosna mixers are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all types of doughs

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