Chocolate Making Equipment

Do you make chocolates and candies? Or are you planning to open a chocolate and candy business? EFCA provides you with the finest range of chocolate-making equipment.
Whether you need a candy cooker, moulds, candy thermometers, chocolate tempering systems or packaging equipment – we have exactly what you need.

EFCA offers a wide range of accessories and moulds, along with wrapping equipment. Our chocolate-making equipment range includes traditional chocolate making equipment (refiners & conches). All our equipment is highly customised to suit your capacity requirements.

Increase your efficiency and productivity with EFCA’s range of chocolate-making equipment. It is also easy to maintain – while the running costs are low.

Candy Making Equipment

EFCA also provides specialised candy-making equipment for sugar confectionary (toffees, fudge, nougat, brittle, etc).
Our range of equipment comprises (but is not limited to):

  • Cooker mixers – gas or electric
  • Stainless steel and copper bowls
  • Cookers (steam jacketed)
  • Batch rollers & rope sizers & rotary dies
  • Cold tables
  • Roller cutters

Automate your confectionery-making business for maximised efficiency and reduced labour costs.

EFCA’s candy-making equipment can be used to make large batches of candies. The scrap rate is minimised while the shape and product weight are accurate to your requirements.

We also have wrapping machines to pack your candies efficiently.
Use EFCA’s candy-making equipment and ensure high rates of customer satisfaction. Call us today or email your requirements like chocolate spray gun to get a quick response and get more details about our offerings.

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