Oxygen Absorbers

While oxygen is essential for life, it can shorten the shelf life of some foods. EFCA provides a range of oxygen absorbers from O-Buster.
These absorbers have a wide variety of applications. They help extend the shelf life of your food products.
Used with dry foods in sealed oxygen-barrier packaging , these oxygen scavengers help prevent the growth of aerobic pathogens by bringing down the oxygen level.
Our oxygen-absorbing sachets can also be used to preserve pharmaceutical items. They also prevent the growth of mould in bakery products. Feel free to discuss your food requirements with EFCA so that we can provide you with the best size of sachet or scavenger.

Buy the Best Oxygen Absorbers from EFCA

Our oxygen absorbers have a variety of uses. Their oxygen-removing quality helps preserve the texture, colour, and aroma of many food products. They can prevent oxidation in many types of food products.

EFCA is a premium supplier of oxygen scavengers and absorbers. Having been part of the food industry for over 65 years, we provide you with the best scavengers and oxygen-absorbing sachets. Preserve your food items better with our specialised solutions.

We will provide you with multiple options and let you know about the features of all types of oxygen absorbers. Get in touch with EFCA – a family-owned Australian business specialising in all food processing and packaging equipment. Call or email us today.

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