Chocolate Spray Gun

At EFCA, we have the finest chocolate spray guns. Our spray guns are used by many confectionery companies worldwide. They are easy to use and perform well. Spray real chocolate or compound chocolate.

EFCA’s range of chocolate spray guns are made in Australia for panning of nuts, raisins, etc. Not for decorating of cakes.

Features of EFCA’s Chocolate Spray Guns in Australia

EFCA’s range of chocolate spray guns in Australia are made to suit your needs. Here are some of the features:

  •  Available as the head-only or including a jacketed dropper including a ball valve
  • Our chocolate spray guns have quick disconnect fittings for the chocolate, hot water, and compressed air lines.

Used in over 20 countries, our spray guns are highly functional and automated – facilitating easy and accurate spraying. Contact us today to get your own chocolate spray gun in Australia.

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  • For automation of chocolate pan coating. There are optional quick disconnect fittings to the chocolate, hot water and compressed air lines.
  • All parts are stainless steel and nickel-plated metal.
  • The chocolate dripper, mainly for coating large centres, uses no compressed air, except for clean-out and so saves energy, and is completely silent.
  • chocolate spray gun can at any time be converted to a dripper by the addition of a dripper manifold and quick disconnect fittings (repositioning will be required).
  • Complete installations comprising guns or drips, hot water jacketed pumps, pipeline, and chocolate tanks are also supplied by EFCA, as well as coating pans.
  • Used in over 20 countries.
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