O Buster Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen absorbers are helpful in preserving food. EFCA provides you with a useful range of O Buster oxygen absorbers. Our range includes various formats of oxygen-absorbing sachets (loose, rolls, strips).
Reduce oxidation with EFCA’s O Buster oxygen absorbers. Our range is easy to use. It helps extend the shelf life of your products.

Benefits of our O Buster Range

EFCA’s range of O Buster O2 absorbers has several features and advantages. Some of them are:

  • Reduces the oxygen level on packaged food, which then reduces the growth of moulds.
  • Up to 99.9% of the oxygen in packaged food products is removed (when using an oxygen-barrier packaging film).
  • The absorbers do not use preservatives or additives. They are safe for your food.

The O Buster oxygen-absorbing sachet is great at absorbing oxygen. The moment the sachet is exposed to air, the absorption begins.

EFCA’s range of O-Buster oxygen-absorbing sachets is great at preventing oxidation of fatty foods. The free space in containers also encourages

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