Ready meals, Pasta, Salads

  • Continuous grilling & shallow frying
  • Low-fat re-formed potato cake line
  • grill marking
  • bratting systems
  • potato & crepe lines
  • Fresh & dry pasta lines
  • tortellini & ravioli machines
  • lasagna / lasagna lines
  • “pocket” cooker for cooking a pre-dosed amount of dry rice, pasta, etc
  • post packaging pastuerisation for ready meals
  • Depositors for pumpable products
  • Depositors for pumpable products (cooked rice, cooked spaghetti, vegetables, etc)
  • Decorating depositors
  • Tray denesting, transfer, heat sealing
  • Quick changeover systems
  • For all types of ready meals, salads, soups
  • Lasagne & sandwich lines
  • CIP systems
  • Pump system for viscous materials (jam, tomato paste, butter, bakery fillings, etc)
  • pump from a mixing bowl or 200 l drum