Savage Brothers Candy Equipment

Savage Brothers are among the best manufacturers of chocolate and candy equipment. EFCA is a premium supplier of high-quality Savage Fire mixers.
Savage also have a wide range of chocolate storage tanks, fondant tanks and chocolate melting tanks. We also have single-operator bowl lifting and pouring systems, roller cutters and cold tables.

Our Savage chocolate equipment comprises batch chocolate melting and tempering equipment, cooker mixers and chocolate depositors and pumps.
Our range of Savage Brothers candy equipment is suitable for all sizes of confectionery companies.  The machines can be used for a wide range of applications, including cooking, cutting, processing, and depositing.

EFCA’s Savage Fire mixers can be used to make caramel, toffee, fudge, nougat, brittle, etc.

Savage Brothers Fire Mixer

The Savage Brothers Fire mixer has many unique features. The FM-14 has a water-flush feature to help remove heat from the kettle. This helps avoid burning due to overheating. The machine is highly energy efficient. The mixer has advanced features such as digital temperature control.
With variable-speed power agitators and all-electric heating equipment, these mixers are among the best in the market.

Savage Brothers Fudge Kettle

EFCA’s advanced range of Savage Brothers fudge kettle helps produce fudge, toffee, caramel and other confectionery with ease. Increase your productivity and reduce the amount of waste. Keep your items hot without consuming large amounts of energy.

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