Industrial Ovens for Sale

Industrial ovens are needed for large-scale production requirements.
EFCA provides the finest range of industrial ovens for sale.

Whether you need industrial ovens for baking or drying, we have options for you. Our industrial ovens come in different lengths and widths and many optional features are available. If space in your bakery is an issue then an continuous rack oven is also available.

EFCA’s industrial ovens for sale operate within a wide temperatures range.

Features of our Industrial Ovens for Baking

Other features of our industrial ovens are:

  • Reliability over many years of operation
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Gas or electric heating
  • Convection, radiant, direct gas fired and hybrid ovens are available

EFCA industrial ovens for sale are energy efficient.

With over 65 years of experience in the industry, EFCA is a family-owned Australian business that is empowering food manufacturers. We provide you with highly customised solutions. Get high-tech industrial ovens for baking by contacting EFCA today. Call or email us now!

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